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Objects follow the closest node when assigned a rail

If arguments are set to -1, objects will use hard-coded default variables instead

Data in rail banks are all shorts, therefore a limit of -32768 to 32767 must be worked with

Rail Types[edit]

Certain objects handle rails differently compared to others. Depending on the object, flags and arguments will vary.

Type Arguments Objects
  • Value1 = null
  • Value2 = Speed
  • Value3 = null
  • Value4 = null
  • NormalLift
  • WoodBlock
  • YoshiBlock
  • RideCloud
  • Kamaboko
  • Uirou
  • Hikidashi
  • Castella
  • EXKickBoard
  • Value1 = Pitch
  • Value2 = Yaw
  • Value3 = Roll
  • Value4 = Speed
  • EXRollCube
  • RailBlockR/B/Y
  • RailBlock


Using rail flags you can change up how the object moves along a path. Combining values will stack the flags creating new outcomes.

Flag Arguments Info Objects
  • Value2 = Jump power
Initiates a jump. Use alongside Flag 2
  • Objects will always make it to the next node no matter the jump power
  • Piranhabon (Gorogoro)
  • Glorpedo (Igaiga)
  • Chain Chomp (BossWanwan)
  • HinoKuri2
2 NULL Ends the jump. Use alongside Flag 1. (UNUSED)
  • For EMario, does a hop before following his path
  • EMario
  • Piranhabon (Gorogoro)
  • Glorpedo (Igaiga)
  • Chain Chomp (BossWanwan)
  • HinoKuri2
4 NULL Locks the node off if traveled from Flag 8
8 NULL Nullifies any node connected with Flag 4
  • If RailFence has no other nodes to travel to, it will drop down
10 NULL Forces the object to travel under the node
  • Only works for objects that support vertical movement
40 NULL Triggers a feature before reaching the node
  • For EMario, he will start the taunt idle where he cannot be interacted with (only works if stamp flag is off)
  • For Glorpedo, it splatters
  • EMario
  • Glorpedo (Igaiga)
80 NULL Object starts movement when Mario stands on it. Node must be the starting node or else it will not work. Once the object starts moving it won't stop
  • Fruit Boats never use
  • Basic
  • Rotation
  • FruitsBoat(B/C/D)
100 NULL Object will be static until Mario stands on it
  • Fruit Boats never use
  • Basic
  • Rotation
  • FruitsBoat(B/C/D)
200 NULL Prohibits travel to connected nodes of a lower count
  • Value1 = Time stopped
Stops the object
  • Basic
  • RiccoHook
  • Petey Piranha (BossPakkun)
  • Value1 = Disappearance timer
  • Value3 = Respawn time
Makes the object stop and disappear
  • WoodBlock and YoshiBlock fade to black whilst everything else blinks away
  • Basic
  • Rotation

Special Rails[edit]

Rails that are read from the DOL in a rail bank for certain objects and functions.

Rail For What?
main A scene's main rail for objects to rely on. If there is no main rail, objects will head towards the origin point of the map instead.
Sound Group Name If a sound group is present and you fill in the name of one as a rail, that rail will act as a sound barrier.

For example: ms_sea & ms_harbor

bosspakkun Petey Piranha \ Flight Path
bosshanachan1 Wiggler Path #1 \ When damaged
bosshanachan2 Wiggler Path #2 \ When damaged
mamegesso0-9 Jumping Blooper (5 & 6 unused)
kohana0 Plungelo (1)
kohana1 Plungelo (2)
kohana2 Plungelo (3)
bwanwan Chain-Chomp
igaiga Glorpedo \ From Monty Mole Cannon
killer Bullet Bill \ From Mecha-Bowser
gorogoro0 Piranhabon
gorogoro1 Piranhabon \ From Proto Piranha (Unused)
mariomodoki EMario (Piantissimo & Shadow Mario)
hinokuri Tramplin' Stu (Unused)

(there's a <nullrail> listed in the DOL. is that for anything?)