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File Info[edit]

File Types[edit]

Sunshine is one of the few games that uses Nintendo's in-house JSystem. For a little bit more information on JSystem, click here.

Extension Type
.szs YAZ0 Compressed File
.arc RARC Encrypted Archive
.thp Nintendo THP Video
.bnr Banner File
.MAP Symbol Map
.me garbage dummy files (
.bin Parameter Info Table
.ral Rail Bank
.ymp Pollution Heightmap
.bti Texture Image
.blo 2D Layout
.bmg Text Archive
.bcr Gamepad Rumble Script (JMap Table)
.bfn Font
.bmd J3D Model
.bdl J3D Model #2 (Not supported, only one model leftover in files)
.bmt J3D Material Table
.bck Bone Animation
.btp Texture Pattern Animation
.btk Texture Animation
.brk Texture Register Animation
.bpk Color Animation
.blk Vertex Animation (UNUSED)
.col Collision
.jpa Particle Effect
.sb SPC Script File
.prm Actor Parameter Table
.pad Gamepad Input Recording
.bmp Bitmap Image
.bas Animation Sound Index
.aaf Audio Initialization File
.asn Audio Name Table
BARC (.arc) BARC archive (sequence.arc)
.bms/.com/.scom Music Sequence
.aw Audio Archive
.afc Streamed Audio (UNUSED)
WSYS (.ws) Wave System Table (Stored in AAF)
IBNK (.bnk) Instrument Bank (Stored in AAF)
.bst JAudio Sound Table (JaiSeInf.bst,JaiSqInf.bst,JaiStInf.bst)
.hed BARC Header (JaiArcS.hed)

File List[edit]

* /AudioRes - Audio system
* /data
        * /scene - Level scene archive
             * /LEVEL
                * /scene
                   * /map
                         * /camera - Camera animations
                         * /map - Map files
                         * /mirror - Mirror models
                         * /params - Local PRM parameters
                         * /pollution - Pollution files
                         * /sp - Script files
                           /scene.bin - Main level info table
                           /scene.ral - Rail Bank
                           /tables.bin - Scene data table
                           /ymap.ymp - Goop Heightmap
                   * /mapobj - map object files
	/bosshanachanJpa.szs - Wiggler's particles
	/common.szs - Global files
	/endsave.szs - Ending save info
	/game_6.szs - Main HUD info
	/guide.szs - Guidemap info
	/mario.szs - Mario archive
	/message.szs - SpaceWorld text
	/nintendo.szs - Files loaded on boot-up
	/option.szs - File Select info
	/params.szs - PRM Object parameters
	/particle.szs - Particle archive
	/PerformLists.bin - Performance list
	/scenecmn.bin - Global BIN table
	/select.szs - Episode Select
	/stageArc.bin - Stage Level List
	/subtitle.szs - Cutscene Subtitles
	/title.szs - Debug Level Select
	/yoshi.szs - Yoshi archive

Level Scenes[edit]

Delfino Airstrip[edit]

File Name Location
airport0 Scene 1: Discovering FLUDD
airport1 Scene 2: Proto Piranha Boss
dolpic_ex0 Revisit

Delfino Plaza[edit]

File Name Location
dolpic0 Scene 1: Bianco Square Proto Piranha
dolpic1 Scene 2: Shadow Mario Chase
dolpic5 Scene 3: Ricco & Gelato Events
dolpic6 Scene 4: Ricco & Gelato Unlocked
dolpic7 Scene 5: Pinna Park Unlocked
dolpic8 Scene 6: Noki Bay Unlocked
dolpic9 Scene 7: Flooded Plaza
dolpic10 Scene 8: Final Plaza
dolpic_ex1 Secret Slide
dolpic_ex2 Pachinko
bia_ex1 Turbo Nozzle Speedway
dolpic_ex3 Red Coin Field
dolpic_ex4 Lily Pad River

Bianco Hills[edit]

File Name Location
bianco0 Episode 1
bianco1 Episode 2
bianco2 Episode 3
bianco3 Episode 4
bianco4 Episode 5
bianco7 Episode 6
bianco6 Episode 7
bianco5 Episode 8
biancoBoss Petey Piranha Fight
coro_ex1 Secret of the Hillside Cave
coro_ex0 Secret of the Dirty Lake

Ricco Harbor[edit]

File Name Location
ricco0 Episode 1 Scene 1: Before Gooper Blooper
ricco8 Episode 1 Scene 2: Gooper Blooper
ricco1 Episode 2
ricco2 Episode 3
ricco3 Episode 4
ricco4 Episode 5
ricco5 Episode 6
ricco6 Episode 7
ricco7 Episode 8
rico_ex0 Blooper Surfing Safari
coro_ex2 Secret of the Lighthouse

Gelato Beach[edit]

File Name Location
mamma0 Episode 1
mamma1 Episode 2
mamma2 Episode 3
mamma3 Episode 4
mamma4 Episode 5
mamma5 Episode 6
mamma6 Episode 7
mamma7 Episode 8
mam_ex0 Secret of the Sandcastle
mam_ex1 Sand Bird Tower

Pinna Island[edit]

File Name Location
pinnaBeach0 Pinna Beach Episode 1
pinnaBeach1 Pinna Beach Episode 2
pinnaBeach3 Pinna Beach Episode 3
pinnaBeach2 Pinna Beach Episode 4
pinnaBeach4 Pinna Beach Episodes 5 to 8
pinnaParco0 Pinna Park Episode 1
pinnaParco6 Pinna Park Episode 1: After Mecha-Bowser Cutscene
pinnaParco7 Pinna Park Episode 1: After Defeating Mecha-Bowser
pinnaParco1 Pinna Park Episode 3
pinnaParco2 Pinna Park Episode 5
pinnaParco3 Pinna Park Episode 6
pinnaParco4 Pinna Park Episode 7
pinnaParco5 Pinna Park Episode 8
coro_ex4 Secret of the Beach Cannon
sirena_ex1 Secret of the Yoshi-Go-Round
pinnaBoss0 Roller Coaster Minigame
pinnaBoss1 Mecha-Bowser Fight

Sirena Beach[edit]

File Name Location
sirena0 Sirena Beach Episode 1
sirena1 Sirena Beach Episode 2
sirena2 Sirena Beach Episode 3
sirena3 Sirena Beach Episode 4
sirena4 Sirena Beach Episode 5
sirena5 Sirena Beach Episode 6
sirena6 Sirena Beach Episode 7
sirena7 Sirena Beach Episode 8
delfino0 Hotel Delfino Episode 2
delfino1 Hotel Delfino Episode 3
delfino2 Hotel Delfino Episode 4 and 5
delfino3 Hotel Delfino Episode 7
delfino4 Hotel Delfino Episode 8
casino0 Casino Delfino Episode 4
casino1 Casino Delfino Episode 5
delfinoBoss King Boo Arena
coro_ex5 Secret of the Hotel Lobby
sirena_ex0 Secret of Casino Delfino

Noki Bay[edit]

File Name Location
mare0 Episode 1
mare1 Episode 2
mare2 Episode 3
mare3 Episode 4
mare4 Episode 5
mare5 Episode 6
mare6 Episode 7
mare7 Episode 8
mareBoss Eely-Mouth Fight
mareUndersea Noki Depths
mare_ex0 Red Coin Bottle
rico_ex1 Secret of the Shell

Pianta Village[edit]

File Name Location
monte0 Episode 1
monte5 Episode 2
monte2 Episode 3
monte1 Episode 4
monte4 Episode 5
monte3 Episode 6
monte6 Episode 7
monte7 Episode 8
monte_ex0 Secret of the Village Underside

Corona Mountain[edit]

File Name Location
coro_ex6 Corona Mountain
coronaBoss Bowser Fight


File Name Location
option File Select
test11 Test Map #11


Ghidra with Gamecube Loader[edit]

Purpose: Used with multiple addons in order to disassemble the code of .dol and .rel files, making the code human-readable

See: Disassemble Sunshine Code

SMS Bin Editor[edit]

SMS Collision Editor[edit]




Purpose: Used to create moving/rotating/scaling textures on models that can load btk files.

See: Creating BTK Files

SunScript Compiler[edit]

Purpose: Used to create .sb files, which sunshine uses on a stage-by-stage basic to control custom events such as red coin timers, rescuing pianta missions, and fruit basket quests.

See: Creating Custom Events with Sunscript


Purpose: Used to convert MIDIs into sunshine music, as well as changing and replacing other music/sound effects within the game

See: Replacing Music using MIDIs