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The very first version of Super Mario Sunshine. The game was verrry different at this point of development.

Dolpic Town[edit]

Delfino Plaza wasn't always the same hub world we know and love, however, the overall concept went unchanged over the course of development. Much of the early plaza lent it's important concepts to the final game, but we can catch glimpses of unused concepts here and there, as well as an early variant of Ricco Harbor in the distance.


Bianco Hills[edit]

Vastly different to what we ended up with in the final game, this iteration of Bianco Hills is much closer to a small town like the plaza than it is to a rural village. This version of the stage is an odd hodgepodge of elements, including only one windmill, power/telephone lines, suburban-like houses, a swimming pool, and of course, Tramplin' Stu.