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Assumed to be built shortly after the "February 2002" build and just before the E3 trailer build, this version of Super Mario Sunshine is unfinished, basic, and just plain ugly to say the least. Some general differences include F.L.U.D.D. finally getting his refined design, Mario being able to talk to NPCs now, and Yoshi being implemented. However, many things are still outdated, such as the water texture being a holdover from February 2002, and the F.L.U.D.D. meter always being displayed even if F.L.U.D.D. is inaccessible at the time.

Delfino Airstrip[edit]

The airstrip makes its grand debut, with an amazing total of only three screenshots! There are a few differences to spot however, such as the E3 skybox, an early design for the red boat and a different NPC standing next to it, standard palm trees at the end of the runway instead of the unique dark-toned variant, and Peach having her hair up in a ponytail instead of her traditional style seen in the cutscene.

Delfino Plaza[edit]

Dolpic Town finally kicked the bucket, and Delfino Plaza has come to take its place. This version of the plaza is generally the most incomplete version of any stage in Super Mario Sunshine, likely due to being quickly thrown together to replace Dolpic Town for the screenshots that were going to be taken.

Bianco Hills[edit]

The old layout from February 2002 is all but a memory now, as the stage has taken on its final shape. However, the old textures and objects are still here, indicating that this was an impromptu decision, akin to Dolpic Town.

Ricco Harbor[edit]

Ricco Harbor has undergone very few changes since February, and it mostly just includes the rest of the map finally being added in.

Gelato Beach[edit]

Gelato Beach finally shows its face, and is a lot emptier feeling than the final version. However, it's mostly done at this point, which is strange compared to the other maps which are only about halfway done.