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Possibly the most mysterious of all internal builds of Super Mario Sunshine, this version of the game is the "missing link" between Spaceworld and the final release.

The HUD, albeit incomplete, has taken on it's new design, and yet at the same time, is compensating for the early assests, such as F.L.U.D.D.'s skinnier design from Spaceworld. Speaking of F.L.U.D.D., the X button prompt never shows up, so hover nozzle likely didn't exist yet. Mario doesn't seem to be able to talk to NPCs yet, and even though Shine Sprites finally make their grand debut, located on the HUD, they don't seem to exist in any stages. Also, even though Bianco Hills and Ricco Harbor are shown off, Super Mario Sunshine's flagship stage for marketing, Delfino Plaza, is completely missing in action, likely due to Dolpic Town getting the axe, and the stage currently undergoing major renovations.

Bianco Hills[edit]

Bianco Hills is utilizing an old layout of the village, and is considerably smaller than the final version. The giant lake is completely absent, there's no Hillside Cave, no Cliff Spring Cave, no gaint wall that cuts through the map, and no Gatekeeper. The textures and stage assests are also completely different, having Mediterranean-style buildings with plants growing in the windows, birdhouses for windmills, and grapevines growing abundantly on the square platforms littered throughout the town.


Leftover Assests[edit]

Leftover in the files of the retail version of Super Mario Sunshine are four unused assests from this version of Bianco Hills. They all pertain to the pollution in the stage, and how it interacted with the environment.

Ricco Harbor[edit]

Ricco Harbor has gotten a much-needed facelift since Spaceworld, but is still vastly unfinished. However, unlike Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor is actually using a variant of the final version's layout!


Leftover Assets[edit]

Similar to Bianco Hills, assets of the stage's pollution were left buried in the final game.