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A category for all prerelease material and development differences for Super Mario Sunshine.

Spaceworld 2001
The first known version of Super Mario Sunshine to ever have been seen by the public. Extremely early build; dating a full year before the game's release, it hardly resembles the final game at this point!

February 2002
Dated six months after Spaceworld, this build only exists on the internet in the form of early screenshots and leftover assets. This build finally features the iconic Shine Sprites and a new health meter, but some traces of Spaceworld are still here, such as F.L.U.D.D.'s skinny nozzle.

March 2002
Much farther along in development, yet still far from finished, this build would lay the groundwork for the final game. Bianco Hills has finally taken on it's final form, but is still using the February 2002 textures, among other oddities in other stages, notably putting this build at an odd in-between stage in development.

E3 title.jpg
E3 2002 Trailer
Known for being shown in the video presentation at E3 2002, this build is one of the most widely recognized, being the first one to reveal Super Mario Sunshine to the world. Not much has changed since March, however, the overall polish has been vastly improved.

E3 2002 Kiosk Demo
The build of the game that was actually playable at E3 in 2002. This build looks like the final game at face value, but a lot of prerelease secrets lie within... However, good footage of this demo is virtually nonexistent.

94 Shines
An odd internal build used for marketing purposes. Some traces of E3 are left here, but the game is mostly complete by this point.

30 Shines
Another internal build used for filming footage for commercials. This one would lend some of it's note-worthy, unfinished assets to the final game.

Store Kiosk Demo
Only featuring 5 stages, there's almost no differences to find, however, they are there...

Unknown Builds
A page full of material from unknown points of development, such as the manual.

Japanese Release
The first official release of the game, dated July 19, 2002.

International Release
The worldwide re-release of the game, adding in extra perks and fixing some annoying bugs, as well as changing some text for English audiences.

3D All-Stars Version
The first rerelease of the game, 18 years later, for Nintendo Switch.